Patients who do not qualify for the Rubraca Connections
$0 Co-Pay Program may still be able to receive help paying for Rubraca® (rucaparib) tablets

Coverage situation


Government insurance (Medicare, Medicaid, and VA/DoD)

Independent co-pay foundations

  • Patients with government insurance may be eligible to receive help with out-of-pocket drug costs from an independent co-pay foundation*

  • A Rubraca Connections Access Specialist will help identify applicable independent co-pay foundations that may be able to provide assistance

Uninsured or rendered uninsured

Rubraca Connections Patient Assistance Program

  • Patients may qualify to receive Rubraca at no cost based on their income level and other eligibility guidelines

  • Eligibility requirements include income level, diagnosis, US residency, type of insurance, and insurance status (uninsured or rendered uninsured)

  • A Rubraca Connections Access Specialist will help determine patient eligibility

  • For more information on the Rubraca Connections Patient Assistance Program or to request an application form, please contact a Rubraca Connections Access Specialist at 1-844-779-7707

We care about your patients. Clovis Oncology is dedicated to making Rubraca
accessible to them regardless of their insurance status

  • *Foundations are third-party independent 501(c)(3) organizations.

  • Patients must meet diagnosis and coverage criteria to be eligible. See complete Terms and Conditions and eligibility criteria.