Facilitating Rubraca delivery to your patients where and when they need it

Our integrated support program coordinates with providers and patients to facilitate delivery of Rubraca in 2 ways:

Specialty pharmacies

Rubraca ships to the patient's home or preferred location directly from one of our network specialty pharmacies. *You have the option to send your patient's Rubraca Connections Enrollment Form directly to your network specialty pharmacy
of choice:


Phone: 877-546-5779

Fax: 877-546-5780


Phone: 800-850-4306

Fax: 800-823-4506


Phone: 800-259-1783

Fax: 855-296-0210


Phone: 877-757-0667

Fax: 888-899-0067


If your practice/institution has an in-office pharmacy, you can order Rubraca directly from one of our wholesalers:

The choice of delivery will not impact the support offered by Rubraca Connections

  • *Rubraca cannot be delivered to a PO Box.